Efficient tool storage with intelligent Hänel intralogistics solutions

Hänel offers high-tech systems such as the Rotomat®, the Lean-Lift® and the Multi-Space® for automated tool storage. Alongside ergonomic design, tool protection and many system innovations, Hänel assigns top priority to the cost-effectiveness of these solutions.

Hänel systems can save up to 60% of the floor space needed for storage, while dramatically reducing the time needed to access tools. Innovative systems like the Hänel Lockomat® and the Hänel VendiShelf system for the Hänel Lean-Lift® also ensure error-free retrieval and safeguard valuable tools against unauthorized access and theft. 

Hänel solutions for tool storage

The Hänel Lean-Lift® - a high-tech tool depot for the production of precision components

Ensuring the protected and systematic storage of turning and cutting tools is a high priority at Müller Precision Parts GmbH…

Safe, secure and convenient tool storage in the Hänel Lockomat®!

Access-protected storage in the Hänel Lockomat® safeguards valuable tool inventories!…

Tool storage with the Hänel Multi-Space® at August Müller CNC

One Hänel Multi-Space® serves as the primary tool depot for high-tech production processes…

Safe and secure tool storage with the Hänel VendiShelf system in the Hänel Lean-Lift®

The Hänel Lean-Lift® as central tool depot is an essential element in the successful process optimization program at Zetec…

The Hänel Lean-Lift® - a high-tech tool depot for the production of precision components

Ensuring the protected and systematic storage of turning and cutting tools is a high priority at Müller Precision Parts GmbH. The cluster of six Hänel Lean-Lifts® in the tool department makes sure that the right tools are available for all of the workbenches as needed.

The heavy-duty Hänel vertical lifts support the flexible storage of cutting and turning equipment as well as small tools. Hänel multifunction containers provide ideal options for neat, safe and secure tool storage with a wide range of configurations and tool holders.

The systems can also accommodate unique and special tools designed by Müller - these items are fully safeguarded and can be retrieved ergonomically.


„Stringent delivery schedules demand reliable, efficient and safeguarded storage for a wide range of tools - the Hänel Lean-Lift® is the right choice for this job!“ 

Harald Bierth,
Head of Production

Ergonomic and secure tool retrieval

Folding rails at the access points support the storage containers when they are pulled out of the Hänel Lean-Lifts® to make retrieval much easier and more ergonomic. The multifunction containers glide over robust plastic rollers so that tool access is more convenient for employees. 

The TMS tool management system from Zoller is used to organize and track the tool inventory. The software monitors tool and item numbers, as well as the exact storage position of every tool kept in the Hänel systems. 

Employees work through tool request lists, sequentially retrieving the items needed from the Hänel Lean-Lifts®, and then put the tools on transport carts for delivery to the machinists. 

Fast and easy access, high quality and the exceptional price-performance ratio were compelling factors in the selection of this intralogistics solution from Hänel!

Safe, secure and convenient tool storage in the Hänel Lockomat®!

Pfeiffer Metal Technology relies on a Hänel Lockomat® lift system for storing cutting tools and equipment used to process profile aluminum. The system is installed directly next to the company's central tool depot in order to save floor space for additional warehousing needs.

The Hänel system provides maximum storage capacity by utilizing the complete vertical height of the building. In addition to the Lockomat®, two Hänel Lean-Lifts® provide space-saving and protected storage for large tools, equipment, jigs and fixtures.

„The Hänel Lockomat® safeguards a wide range of tools with effective access control. We are extremely satisfied with our Hänel solutions, and the service is outstanding as well.“ 

Robert Pfeiffer,
Chief Executive

Direct communication with the tool management software solution

The Lockomat® is connected to the IT network via Pfeiffer's independent tool management software. 

Every product scheduled for production has a specific item number and its own list of tools needed to complete the job. Employees are responsible for compiling lists of all the tools that are required for the production process. 

Once confirmed on the computer, the tool management system sends the tool request to the Hänel Lockomat® via the IT network. The item and job numbers are displayed on the Hänel control terminal.


The Hänel Lockomat® offers well-organized storage with secure access

The lift brings the requisite tool to the access point and automatically opens the specified compartment door on the system container. 

The Hänel compartment and sub-level indicators show precisely where tools are located on the container. The Hänel MP 12 N control unit also displays the shelf number and compartments in graphic format. 

When the employee confirms retrieval, the transaction is complete and the Lockomat® compartment doors close automatically. 

Access-protected storage in the Hänel Lockomat® safeguards valuable tool inventories!

Tool storage with the Hänel Multi-Space® and external tool management

One Hänel Multi-Space® serves as the primary tool depot for high-tech production processes. The three-axis Hänel system is used for storing and provisioning a wide range of tools, metrology devices and consumables. The lift system supports optimized space utilization and brings items to both central access points for ergonomic retrieval.

Storage of sterile instruments

The Hänel Rotomat® is used to store surgical instruments in sterile containers to protect them from all kinds of contamination.

The retrieval of these containers takes place at the optimum ergonomic height.

Barcode-supported access control with HänelSoft®

The storage system is operated with HänelSoft® storage management software. Access control is supported through barcode scanning of employee IDs and contributes to the transparency and security of all storage transactions.

Once logged in, employees enter the item designation using the system terminal to retrieve the sterile article they need. The overview displayed can then be used to select the correct storage position. The sterile containers are transported to the access point quickly, and items can be retrieved for the OR without any chance of errors.

Four other Rotomat® systems are in operation at the hospital’s central supply depot. These automated systems are used to store various medical products and utensils needed to provide nursing care. The storage capacity has been increased considerably because movable shelf racks are no longer needed.

All of the lift systems are controlled via HänelSoft® which makes put and pick operations, as well as sterile storage and inventory management, much easier. The storage positions and items on inventory are identified with HänelSoft® and then displayed on the lift control terminal.

Safe and secure tool storage with the Hänel VendiShelf system in the Hänel Lean-Lift®

The Hänel Lean-Lift® serves as the central tool dispensing system at the Zetec manufacturing facility. Cutting tools, tool holders and special drills are just a few of the many items that are efficiently and ergonomically provided to employees. 

The Hänel systems are equipped with multifunction containers having specially formed tool holders, and some containers also feature VendiShelf.

„The Hänel Lean-Lift® as our central tool depot for production employees is an essential element in our successful process optimization program.“ 

Ingo Hell,
Chief Executive

Dual access protection is provided by RFID authentication and the Hänel VendiShelf system

Shift managers can log in via RFID and then use the Hänel MP 12 N control unit to request system containers with the tools they need. Expensive tools are further safeguarded when stored on containers equipped with the Hänel VendiShelf system. 

The compartment door is automatically unlocked for a specified period of time. Thus tools can be provided for production employees even when the tool depot staff may not be on duty, for example, during late or early work shifts.

It goes without saying that the Hänel Lean-Lift® is directly connected to the ERP system at Zetec. All authorized company departments can see the current inventory status of the Hänel Lean-Lift® at any time. Minimum and maximum levels are monitored by the ERP system - if additional tools are needed, the system informs the purchasing department. 

Safe and secure storage in the Hänel Lean-Lift® also gives Zetec controlled access to tools during various work shifts!

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Economy, efficiency and ecology – these are the demands that modern-day
tool-storage must meet

Many business enterprises around the world use Hänel storage systems to increase the cost-effectiveness of their tool storage and provisioningHänel lift systems fully utilize the vertical space available for height-optimized tool storage within a small footprint. The result is maximum storage capacity and less required floor space. And that saves money! 

Hänel systems automatically bring tools to the access area in just seconds - the tools can then be retrieved at the optimum ergonomic heightHänel lifts can be operated with as stand-alone solutions with integrated Hänel tool management software, or they can be used in conjunction with overarching host systems based on most tool management solutions now available.

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